Recover Lost Data from External Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive
Step 1: Download External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Check the official website https://www.r-datarecovery.com. Make sure not to download this software on other websites that are malicious. When you have opened the link, click the download button for Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac OS. After downloading the file, then install the data recovery program on your computer or laptop.

Step 2: Connect your External hard drive

Once you have finished installing Bitwar Data Recovery software, you can now connect your external hard drive to your computer or laptop.

Step 3: Open Bitwar Data Recovery software

Launch the program and select the Standard Mode. You can choose various options; here just select click Deleted Files Recovery to recover files from External hard drive.

Step 4: Choose the Disk partition or device

Choose the External drive and Click to open.

Step 5: Scan the External hard drive

Once you have chosen the file type, you can click “Scan” to scan the external hard drive for the lost or deleted files. After a few minutes (it will depend on the size of your External hard drive), you can see the scanned results showing in the list and then double-click to preview each file and select which one you need.

Step 6: Retrieve the deleted or lost files.

Once you have selected the file, click the “Recover” button and a window will open for you to choose where to save the recovered data to the computer’s file directory or if possible, save the files to a different external hard drive or your computer hard drive.
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