How to fix SD Card Not Reading Error

7 Methods of Fixing SD Card not Reading Error

Test the SD Card into another PC

Insert your SD card into another PC’s card reader and check if your SD card works. If the PC is able to read your SD Card then the culprit might be the card reader and vice versa.

Another workaround is to insert your SD card in digital media like phone and connect it to your PC with a USB cable to check whether can be detected or not.

Check the USB Connector

By verifying the connection, you can plug the USB connection out from USB port after removing securely from the computer.

Put a Little More Pressure in Inserting SD Card

When SD card is not detected, the only sole solution might be a little force to make sure that the SD card is firmly inserted in the slot.

Clean SD Card and reader

Clogged SD card and reader due to dirt and dust might be the reason of poor connection resulting in SD card cannot be detected. In cleaning your SD Card, lightly wipe the dirt off with a cotton cloth dipped in little alcohol or water.

Update card reader driver

Recover data from SD card not reading on a computer

Bitwar Data Recovery is user-friendly and no expert skills needed to recover your files. This will solve your question on how to restore data from inaccessible memory card. Just plug in your SD card back on your PC and if it still showing in the Disk Management.
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